You have a right to

your health record.

Health Card NFC


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Medical ID, Notes, Messages on NFC tag could be a life-saver in emergencies.

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Health Card NFC

Healthcare Manager

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You have a right to your health record.

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Privacy security πŸ’• Patient-security

πŸ” Increased privacy security, the information is encrypted and password protected.

πŸš‘ Increased patient-security through easy and fast accessibility to vital personal medical information in emergencies.

A simple journal template with 8 category registration

eg. Diagnosis, Medicines, patient information ...

and about 34 patient detail records which could eventually become an

emergency Digital Patient Journal ( DPJ ) in the future.

  Why NFC for Healthcare

* Secure and easy transfer of patient data.

* Patients easily access to health information.

* Providers quickly access accurate data from patient records.

* Track patient in emergency.

* NFC tag can hold critical health information.

* easily read by Smartphone.

Reading and sending will begin when you tap on an NFC tag/card.

Healthcare NFC 

User app

The Health Card NFC carries a summary of patient information from their medical record and is a complement to the public health care.

Easy to keep and store patient information on NFC tag, card. The Patient data is password protected and stored in encrypted form on the NFC tag, card.


Dentist Manager

Helps dentist manage their dental patients and clinic.

The easy and fast way to save and retrieve dental data on phone database or an NFC tag/card.

* Easy to select or enter dental number, treatment and diagnosis.

* Dental data, patient’s health and Dentist register.

* Add dental data to database and save as text file on phone.

* Save dental data on database, NFC tag/card or print.

* Simple appointment manager, add booked time to phone calendar.

* The Patient data is password protected and stored in encrypted form on NFC tag/card or with the patient's consent is not password protected.

* Take photo or select from photo gallery

* Backup, import and e-mail database.

* Android Phone and Tablet APP

Health Card NFC

Healthcare Manager

APPSWED Health Card NFC app solution can serve as a complement to healthcare services and improve safety, speed and ease of access to vital medical information in emergencies.

The easy and fast way to save and retrieve patient data on an NFC tag, card and database.

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Privacy security



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 πŸ” Increased privacy security, the information is encrypted and password protected.

πŸš‘ Increased patient-security through easy and fast accessibility to vital personal medical information in emergencies.

The holder can always carry Health tag, card, such as in his/her key ring or wallet, in case of emerging illness and for the normal contacts with healthcare services or during visits abroad.

Genuine Check NFC

Make sure you only buy genuine products

More reliable control.

Easy and user-friendly.

 GENUINE or Falsified 


APPSWED Genuine Check NFC enables pharmaceutical companies to provide

their products are genuine. With a smartphone, users can tap the Genuine Check NFC on the package and identify the product, its details, and location tracking.
Additional target groups include perfumes, cosmetics, electronics,

and other industrial sectors.

The benefits of Genuine Check NFC Include:

* To prevent falsified medicines and other products.

* Strengthens the corporate brands.

* Very low cost per pack.

* SMS live information and GPS tracking option.

* The companies can also make their apps for each product unique,

   and provide product information.

* No internet connection required.

  offline mode, no internet connection required.

  online mode, SMS message control and live information.

Target groups

Pharmaceutical companies and other companies with falsified products exposed.



INDUSTRY Automobile,

Electronics and other industrial sectors.

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User app

Android πŸ“± iOS